Weekly Wrap-up | Thanksgiving and Bookstores

Hi Guys!!

It is time for yet another weekly wrap-up!! Sorry, this one is a little late…

Monday- Sorry, no pics, but it did start snowing!!

Tuesday- we went and played in the snow (see my post here.)


Wednesday- was completely normal.. but lately I’ve been curling my hair, and its been turning out great!

2016-11-24-10-18-26Thursday- Thanksgiving!! Fun Fact: this year we celebrated Thanksgiving a day after the holiday. (above- what I wore)

2016-11-26-08-22-39 2016-11-26-08-08-08Friday- Our Thanksgiving! Our grandparents came and we had a blast- we also made creations out of rolls.

2016-11-26-11-01-53Saturday- was “Small Business Saturday” so we took our grandparents around to see some of our favorite shops which include this bookstore (I wrote about here.) Also I did an outfit post, so be on the lookout for that one.

That ends this weekly wrap-up I hope you enjoyed seeing my week, although it wasn’t that exciting. Have a blessed week!!

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