Trip to Pennsylvania Part 3 // Adina Creates

Hi Guys!

I’m back with more of my trip to PA! (you are probably getting tired of these posts….)

Day 4 – Church, A Tulle Skirt, and a Horse.2016-07-31 08.20.11^This is what I wore to church.(and yeah.. traveling in that skirt is not easy – at all.) Check out my post about this outfit here. For church we traveled an hour and a half to go to the church we used to go to and it was so great to see our friends!2016-07-31 16.01.39 2016-07-31 16.03.09

^It was also awesome because we got to visit our friend (and old neighbor) and his horse. We lived next to them for two years but only knew them for one. We would go down almost every day to see him and his horse named General.2016-07-31 16.09.48^We also got to see his new goat (:

Later that day we dropped my brother and sister off at a friends to spend the week there and my mom, dad and me – we went back to my Grandma’s

Day 5 – Nothin’ Much.2016-08-05 10.38.41I only have this picture for this day, we didn’t do much but I did finish Anne of Green Gables 1! Early in the morning my parents headed back home to NY for the week and I stayed here. Then later that day I went with my Aunt and Uncle, my cousin, and grandparents to go out to eat at a local place.

Day 6 – A Trip To the Mall with Auntie Anne’s2016-08-02 13.50.51-1^We got to go to a mall!2016-08-02 14.24.50

^I was excited to see Lauren Conrad’s brand while I was there! (check out her blog here.)2016-08-02 15.30.16

^We went to Auntie Anne’s ! Yay!

(I also got a dress, but I’ll have to show you guys pictures some other time)

That concludes the third post! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I did while I was away!


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