Trip to Pennsylvania Part 2 // Adina Creates

Hi Guys!

I hope you’re excited to see the next part of my trip so let’s get on with the post……

Day 2 – Resting, A Thrift Store, Cousins and Treadmill Walking2016-07-29 09.30.042016-07-29 09.30.35^We went to a thrift store, and I didn’t get any pictures but these ones were taken right before we went. It was nice to see the place where I would go since I was little.2016-07-29 16.51.05^The picture is blurry (sorry) but I walked on the treadmill a lot! (every day!) and every time I walked; I watched some of the Anne Of Green Gables Movies (by the end of the week I finished all of them)2016-07-29 16.59.35^Later that day, four of my cousins, my sister and me; we watched a movie together (:2016-07-29 16.48.43^I got to play soccer with my cousin (she is really good!) and she taught me some tricks

You’re probably getting tired of seeing pictures of feet (haha…)

Day 3 – A Birthday Party and Homemade Playdoh.2016-07-30 08.07.54

^This was my sister’s breakfast with mine. We hadn’t had poptarts for a long time, so it was nice to have them for that week. 2016-07-30 17.34.26 2016-07-30 17.40.35 2016-07-30 17.36.13

2016-07-30 17.40.29My cousin got to have his 8th birthday party while we were there, and it was nice to have all the cousins together for his party.2016-07-30 17.45.442016-07-30 19.47.142016-07-30 19.48.44^My grandma makes awesome playdoh, and I’ve loved to play with it since I was little, and when my little cousins asked if I would play with them; I couldn’t resist. (:

That ends part 2 of my trip! (I seriously don’t know how many parts it is gonna take me to get through this trip) Come back soon to see the rest!


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