Trip to Pennsylvania Part 1 // Adina Creates

2016-07-28 10.39.56Hi Guys!

As you know my family and I went on a trip to Pennsylvania to visit family and friends and I took a lot of pictures so I wanted to show you some I took and I’ll kinda give you an outline of what we did.

Day 1 – Finished Packing and Hit the Road.

2016-07-26 16.45.23 2016-07-28 10.39.47 2016-07-28 10.36.412016-07-28 12.09.15^We stopped at a rest stop and got some things to look at^2016-07-28 12.14.43^Snack time!^2016-07-28 16.16.10 2016-07-28 15.02.57 2016-07-28 15.29.58^We stopped at cracker barrel to eat with my grandparents then went the rest of the way to where we were staying^2016-07-28 20.20.08^We later went to see our friends and I got to see my best friend who I haven’t seen for a year or more!!!^2016-07-28 20.20.18^Walking….2016-07-28 20.19.52^and… we go down (:

Then later we went home made milkshakes and crashed. (went to sleep)

That concludes the first part of my trip to Pennsylvania!

Come back to see more!


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