Things I’ve Been Up To // Mismatched Photos


Wow! It has been quite a while since I wrote! *checks the date of last post* Like three months or somethin’

So here is a quick lil’ post about what I’ve been doing lately…..

First things first, I MADE A UNICORN CAKE!!! (I am really, super, glad that it turned out good!) I was asked to make this for a friend for her party, and although the cake-making process took forever, I think it was a success.

Lately I’ve Been Loving-

Ice cream stops with the fam. (: We have this little ice cream place close to us and it is AMAZING!!

Spring Flowers!! We have a whole bunch growing around our house and the are sooo pretty!


Campfires with friends! (okay, this picture is from last year but we have had a lot of fun campfires)


Babysitting this adorable guy!! He is sooo cute!


My last picture is a a hairstyle my friend did on me and it is really pretty. It took a ton of bobby pins: like fifty I kid you not.

That pretty much ends my update. I’m gonna try and get back to blogging more, I’m gonna try and do a post every week.

By the way, Victoria is having a giveaway (here) and you should totally go and enter *and * follow her blog.
Alrighty then! Hope you enjoyed seeing a life update!!
Have an awesome day!





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