Spring Haul 2016 // Adina Creates

AdinaHaulHi Guys!

I wanted to share with you some things I have gotten throughout this spring/winter as gifts or that I bought myself.
So here is my haul…..

First I have a brown belt from my mom. She had gotten it for my Easter outfit, but it didn’t come in time. (from ebay)2016-04-02 13.58.03The next item I have is also part of my Easter outfit, and it’s a tulle skirt!!

I have been wanting a tulle skirt for a while and when she said we could make one for Easter, I was so excited! The material, and elastic are from Joanns.2016-04-06 13.56.55-1

This shirt is another part of my Easter outfit, I had originally planned to wear another shirt (below)  but that didn’t work out, so I wore this shirt.2016-04-06 14.00.18-1

The next two things I have are from my friends.

Here is a bunch of plaid jackets/shirts. Recently I have been into wearing the plaid jackets/shirts so I was glad when my friend gave me these.2016-04-06 13.54.52

The next two are from Rue21

Here is the other shirt I was going to wear on Easter. similar hereshirteasterfront

This is the second shirt from rue21. I was really excited to see it on clearance!starwarstee

Next I have jewelry….

This one was sent to me through the mail from a friend.2016-04-06 13.44.12

and this one was on the clearance rack at rue21. (I’m not a big spender)2016-04-06 13.42.43

I got these converse from goodwill and I’m extremely excited because these are fifty-dollar shoes and I got them for only ten dollars! (I also have this obsession with converse) 2016-04-02 14.21.21Here is a plain black shirt I got from goodwill.2016-04-06 12.31.40-1

To wrap up this haul here are these wedges that I got recently and I love them! find them here.2016-04-06 12.19.42


I hope you enjoyed this haul. Let me know if you want to see more posts like this.
Did you get anything new for Easter? Let me know in the comments.