Snapshots Of My Week

Hi Guys!!

So, I wanted to do weekly life update posts, and this is the first one. This was quite the interesting week, from dogsitting to Goodwill to  mall lockdowns. Let’s get to the post!!


We “dogsat” this dog for a week, from the 4th to 11th and she is soooo cute!

2016-11-08-16-50-27 2016-11-08-16-51-39

I got to go to my awesome friend’s birthday party!


I don’t have any pictures for Wednesday, but Thursday I started working on crochet again and had a lil’ helper.


Friday was Veterans day, and although we are homeschooled we got the day off. Plus, I was rockin’ these awesome curls.

2016-11-12-12-45-41 2016-11-12-12-55-28 2016-11-12-13-34-25

We went to the mall!! You are probably wondering about the mall lockdown part…. there was a shooter, (he is caught) and they were getting people out. We were in charlotte russe (an awesome store btw) and were locked in there for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. But we are safe, and it was a blessing to have many people praying for us while we were there.2016-11-12-16-15-00

Then, when we got out, we went to Burger King, and went home and just relaxed.

That finishes my first weekly update! I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit into my week.

Have a blessed day!!


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