Riverside // Adina Creates



morning: light, bright, sky.
the slightest breeze blows the tree back and forth.
ripples in the water going on and on…
cool, brown water – wondering what lives beneath the surface.
lilypads dot the surface.
the cool, clear air as i breathe it in.
shoes off, toes in water, trying to determine how deep it is.
wondering how long it would take to walk to Canada….
the slight bend of water, flowing out of sight.
feeling the warm, flannel inside my hoodie.
the sun, hiding behind clouds, keeping the sky dark, and gray.

walking away…. leaving the riverside

*this was written (by me), a little while ago, out of interest to start writing, while standing by the river and sitting on the dock, and I just recently found this and wanted to share this with you*

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