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Hi Guys!

A few days ago I wanted to get a new lip gloss and when I grabbed one, I grabbed a medication lip balm and I didn’t want it, when I went to get a new one I found this amazing lip gloss and here’s my review…wnwxedThis is how it looks, I give it extra points for the outside looking so cute. (:
The bottom spins and the lip gloss comes up.
Now let’s talk about the inside,2016-05-16 13.58.43This is an awesome lipstick and chapstick combined! I got it in the color sugar. (#102)

It has a beautiful color, giving your lips a slight tint, but mostly it gives your lips a beautiful shimmer, giving it a beautiful effect.

Not to mention it keeps your lips chap free!wnwlaystain

I have to admit, I’ve only worn this lip gloss a couple of times, but I really (really) like it.

A lot about this lip gloss is “better”, the price is amazing! the ingredients are great! and this is probably my new favorite lip gloss.wnwstand

I hoped you enjoyed seeing my first review!

I would definitely encourage you to check this lip gloss out! (find it here)

Have a great weekend!signatureA1xed

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