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WCBB8Hi Guys!

I made cookies!!

My family and friends/neighbors were going to have a little Star Wars party and watch the Force Awakens so… I decided to make fun Star Wars themed cookies.
(we got these ideas via Pinterest)

First I made a BB-8 cake.BB8COOKIEI used a normal chocolate chip cookie dough recipe, put some in a normal sized round cake pan, and the rest into a smaller pan and baked them like I would bake normal cookies. Then I made normal vanilla icing and colored half orange, a tiny bit black, and left the rest white. Then I decorated it to look like BB-8. To make the antenna, I cut skewers in half, colored them black with a marker, and stuck them on his head.

Then I made Wookie Cookies…wcFor these I made normal no-bake cookies, but I dropped them. Then I set them in the fridge to cool, and when they cooled, I used chocolate icing for the belt and the leftover vanilla icing from the BB-8 cake.

And those are my Star Wars cookies.

I hope you enjoyed this little post!
Have a great weekend!signatureA1xed

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