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2016-06-14 10.33.06-1Hi guys!

Long time no blog! (not really that long though) But don’t worry, I am getting back on schedule, and will be posting at my regular times again.

On to the post……

As you can tell from the title, we now have a garden! My family loves having fresh veggies and fruits, so what’s the best way to have fresh produce? (a garden!) – here’s how we made our garden! 2016-06-14 10.28.32

2016-06-14 10.28.47                           ^^Random fact: that’s actually my mom’s hands (I took the pics^^2016-06-14 10.28.52

2016-06-14 10.33.06-1

2016-06-14 10.33.19……..and that’s our garden!

Have a great week!signatureA1xed


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