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Hi Guys!

So last week I got the opportunity to basket weave!

Our friend asked if we wanted to come over, talk with the family, and weave baskets. Excited, we said yes and in a little while we came over to basket weave, here is what we did…..

First we went down to get some fresh vines. (she had gotten some but they had dried out and weren’t good for weaving) 2016-05-12 15.10.27After some pulling (and pulling) we had enough vines to start weaving.2016-05-12 15.34.01Then we put the vines together and started weaving!
It was really easy when I got the hang of it, but it took me three tries to get it.2016-05-12 15.40.14We had five sticks- two one way -three the other way and them got another one and wove it around (over, under, over, under etc) then when we wanted to make the sides we weaved through each individual vine.2016-05-12 16.10.31 (1)That’s pretty much it. Here are the finished projects…….BasketfinalAnd that concludes my attempt at basket weaving!
(mine is the one on the left)
Thanks for stopping by!signatureA1xed

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