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2016-08-25 08.26.13^The bridge to Canada!2016-08-25 11.07.07 2016-08-25 11.07.132016-08-25 11.10.29^and beautiful streaks on the window… (:IMG_6894 IMG_6892^Haha.. as we were walking to the city, it started raining, so some of us ran into a nearby phonebooth.IMG_6898 IMG_6897 2016-08-25 12.08.102016-08-25 08.57.33 2016-08-25 08.58.06^Canadian money is awesome!2016-08-25 13.14.06 2016-08-25 13.12.43 2016-08-25 12.26.04 2016-08-25 12.49.19^Lunch time!2016-08-25 15.28.10 2016-08-25 15.25.43^We had to stop at Starbucks (:2016-08-25 16.29.44 2016-08-25 15.49.53 2016-08-25 16.23.50 2016-08-25 16.30.10^Chinatown!!2016-08-25 18.58.12

^We stopped at St. Hurberts then headed home.

Hi Guys!!

So, as you can see, I went to Canada! We went to Montreal’ for the day and I know we had a lot of fun! I had a great time walking (and walking.. and walking..) with friends. I hope you enjoyed this long post!


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