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Hi Guys!

This is the Random Facts Tag. I would like to tell you all about the 26 Random Facts Tag: It’s simple, really – just follow the rules. (:

The Rules-
-Use the original picture
-Write 26 (random) facts about you
-Nominate 4 other people

What is the purpose of this tag? – It’s just to let readers and other bloggers know a little bit more about you.

Here are 26 random facts about me….

1.love the color mint. (I mean really like it!)

2.I am really bad at drawing! (I couldn’t draw a good picture if my life depended on it!

3.My parents are in a ministry where they’re going to build tiny houses! (learn more here.)

4.I love Converse. (the shoes)

5.I love shoes!

6.I use parentheses a lot! (and I mean a lot!)

7.I’m homeschooled.

8.I’m a “Grammer Nazi”

9.I’m addicted to Pinterest.

10.I like coffee, but can only with half milk and sugar.

11.I love to read! -I sometimes read two books in a day.

12.I love watching gymnastics and want to try it out someday.

13.At nine I was 5’3 and I still am.

14.I actually like to clean my room.

15. I have more than ten, half written books on my computer.

16.I love the Olympics!!!!!

17.I use waay to many exclamation marks!!

18.I love to cook and bake, but I always make I mess when I do.

19.I’ve always wanted to grow my hair out as long as Rapunzel.

20.I started playing piano when I was five, but stopped when I was ten and a half because of a move to NY.

21.I played piano for my church when I was nine and ten.

22.I’m always listening to music.

23.I’m a big Disney fan!

24.I take a lot of pictures.

25.I’m on my computer a lot! (hence the frequent blog posts)

26.I find videos games really boring.

…and that’s the 26 Random Facts Tag!

I nominate-

Rachel from Blogging Brownie
Amanda from SKG
Melani from Reflections of the Heart
Victoria from Ruffles and Grace

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