10 Awkward Moments That Come With Having A Blog


Hi Guys!!

So I cannot tell you how much fun it was to make this post!! This is all true for me and it was almost hard to pick only five. Now, lets get to the post….



“So umm.. I have a blog it’s called *inserts blog name* it’s pretty cool, yeah, umm.. you can check it out sometime” Yep. that awkward for me. Which leads me to the next one..


To me, when people I know come up to me and are like “I checked out your blog and it’s awesome, etc” To me it’s just awkward…

Can’t forget these three awkward questions-


Umm.. good, good. Haven’t you been reading it. How do you think it’s going (is this a trick question???) than comes the usual awkward silence.



Anything and Everything! I should probably have a set answer, but my interests change along with my blog posts so,  a lot of things.


Many reasons,

-Because I finally thought of a semi-decent name
-Because I could
-I love writing
-The 2% chance of me being famous
-Many more weird reasons

Yes!!! *throws confetti* I have finished yet another blog post!! I don’t know why, but there is always excitement for me when I finish a blog post.

Also, can you believe that it’s been about 9 or 10 months that Adina Creates has existed! *throws more confetti!!

That wraps up this post! Have a blessed day!!!



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